Six Secrets to Getting Your Home SOLD

In the current economic environment, bad news is everywhere. If you listen long enough, you just might believe it. Have you heard that homes aren’t selling? Have you heard that no matter what, there are no buyers out there? Both of these statements are categorically FALSE. Homes sell every single day, and some surprisingly fast. Below is a list of the 6 secrets that most home sellers don’t know about selling their home (and if they do know, then they aren’t implementing).

  1. CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION! I mean it. No, I REALLY mean it. You must be willing to invest some time and money into getting your home in perfect showing condition. Take down the 1970’s flowered wallpaper. Install new neutral carpet. Get your trophies off the wall and put away. Clean out your closets. Clean out your cabinets. The goal is to make the potential homebuyers see THEMSELVES in the home and not you. It is worth a financial investment in hiring a professional home stager to come in to consult on the condition of your home. When you hire Annie K at Keller Williams PS to consult on the sale of your home, we will reimburse you for the cost of our home stager once your home is sold and closed. Additionally, we offer a 100% Free Service called a Room by Room Review. Give us a call and we can come out to help you.


  1. ACCESS, ACCESS, ACCESS! Again, I am serious about this. If there are any hurdles to giving a buyer access to see your home, they may not be interested in buying it. Qualified buyers should be able to see your home from 9am to 8pm seven days a week with at most a one hour notice. If you have animals, they should take a vacation at a friends’ or family member’s home. (It’ll only be for 60 days, right?) You should NOT be home. A huge mistake home sellers make is trying to “Sell” their home to the potential buyers. Buying a home is an emotional and personal thing. Leave it up to your listing broker to inform the buyers and their agent of the features that make your home stand out. When you hire Ann Kritsonis at Keller Williams PS to consult on the sale of your home, we take extra precautions to make sure that only qualified buyers and their agents have access to your home. Additionally, we create professional material to be displayed inside your home that highlights the features that can help the buyers make the decision to make your home their home.


  1. EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE! This is not just about the 3 P’s that most agents do when they list your home… “Put it in the MLS, Plop a sign in the ground, and Pray that it sells.” Your home must be exposed to every single person that it might appeal to. This means a focused, intensive, leave-no-stone-unturned strategy to expose your home to the homebuyers out there. This multi-tiered strategy must include signage, email marketing, direct mail, the MLS, brokerage tours, massive web presence, social media, video, flyers, networking, toll free recordings, and numerous additional strategies. When you hire Ann Kritsonis at Keller Williams PS to consult on the sale of your home, you will enjoy a comprehensive exposure package that is second to none in the industry; a package that allows us to sell over 10 times as many homes as the average REALTOR® in the area.


  1. COMMUNICATION & FLEXIBILITY! When all of the buyers and/or their agents have come through your home, they all have opinions. It is important to find out what their opinion is and if it is important to sell your home. For example, if two or three possible buyers feel that the carpet is old or is dirty, perhaps you need to be flexible enough to either change it or clean it. So there are two steps here, first you must know what the buyer’s and their opinions are and second, you must be willing to react. When you hire Ann Kritsonis at Keller Williams PS to consult on the sale of your home, you can feel confident that we work hard to get feedback from every buyer who comes through the home. We email the buyer’s agent for FOUR CONSECUTIVE DAYS with questions about their opinion on your home. If we receive the feedback, you will know instantaneously via email what their opinion is (and if there is something you can do about it).


  1. MASTER THE MARKET DATA How many homes are you competing against? How long are homes taking to sell? How much are homes selling for and what percentage of list price are they getting? What is the current economic environment both nationally and in your local market? How many months supply of inventory are there? These are all very important questions that need answers because you don’t sell your home in a bubble. There are so many different factors that affect your home and you need to understand all of them. For example, if a massive employer in your market suddenly goes out of business, many of your neighbors are out of work and may need to move to find new employment or they may begin to struggle to make their monthly payments if they can’t find a new local job in short order. In either scenario, the collapse of the local employer affects the salability of your home. When you hire Ann Kritsonis at Keller Williams PS to consult on the sale of your home, you can expect a report that provides all of this information to you in a clear and concise format. Additionally, we are going to help you decipher this information and figure out how this translates into a strategy to get your home SOLD in 60 days or less.


  1. PRICING, PRICING, PRICING! This should be point number one. Again, if there is any point for you to take away from this free report, it is this one. This one only. All of the marketing, communication, staging, and cleaning isn’t going to do anything if the buyer doesn’t perceive a value in your home. You could rent the Goodyear blimp and announce that your home is for sale and it wouldn’t do a thing if you have priced yourself higher than the market will bear. If you want to sell within 60 days, there are some very important steps to take when it comes to pricing and here they are…


    1. Figure out how many similar homes sell a month on average.
    2. Figure out exactly how many homes you would be competing against.
    3. Figure out what the condition of the competition is.
    4. Be priced within the number of homes that sell a month.


Here’s an illustration of what I mean… Let’s say that you have a 3 bedroom 1 bath home and a garage. First, find out how many homes like yours sell each month (every 30 days) on average. For this illustration, let’s say that the answer is 3. Then pull up your ACTIVE competition because SOLD properties won’t be seen by buyers. Then, compare your condition with the active competition’s condition. Let’s say you go from least expensive to most expensive and…


House #1 priced at $329,000 in excellent shape.

            House #2 priced at $335,000 not in good shape.

            House #3 priced at $339,000 but on a main road.

            House #4 priced at $339,000 in excellent shape.

            House #5 priced at $345,000 in good shape.

            House #6 priced at $349,000 in excellent shape.


Where do you price your home? The answer is at $339,000 but absolutely under $345,000. Why? Because 3 homes are going to sell in the next 30 days approximately. House #1 is going to sell due to price and condition. House #2 and #3 are not going to sell because they have issues with either location or condition. House #4 is going to sell. Now, you need to be next in line because 3 homes are going to sell this month. By being priced at $339,000 but no higher then $345,000, you’ll sell.


When you hire Ann Kritsonis at Keller Williams PS to consult on the sale of your home, you can expect this analysis of pricing and your competition. This is information that most sellers and their agents NEVER even think about and we’ve got it for you! Additionally, we will go further into the pricing strategy to maximize every possible dollar that you deserve!


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DID YOU KNOW the LONGER your home is on the market the less it will sell for? Here are the statistics for Single Family Homes in the Area:


Less then 30 days on market:                       95.3% Sale to List Price Ratio

Between 30 and 60 days on market:            92.5% Sale to List Price Ratio

Between 60 and 90 days on market:            91.5% Sale to List Price Ratio


…and it just keeps getting worse from there…


You deserve to be SOLD in 60 days or less, do you not?